Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cow Pony Rust Quilt.....Done

This is how things looked at 10:00 last night...

Click Images to Enlarge:
Cow Pony Quilt

All of the applique and machine quilting is done.
About 5 hours to get the leaves on and complete the quilting.

Today I will hand sew the binding.
Then we will go outdoors for a photo session.
(I hope my camera cooperates)

Detail image of threadwork on Dancer

I kept the leaves close by.....they were a great inspiration when it came time to quilt the veins in the fabric leaves. Isn't mother nature wonderful!

Tomorrow I will spend the day doing a clean sweep in the Thread Shed.
Many fabrics were auditioned and are now in need of sorting before they are put back into the cupboards.

After a project it helps me to clear my head by cleaning up and organizing the Thread Shed. Once everything is put away and order is restored, I love to stand back and appreciate this lovely environment I am so fortunate to have and work in.

I do have to tell you doesn't last long!

I can't wait to get back in there and start on something new...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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  1. That piece is just extraordinary! I've watched eagerly each day to see what you'd do with it next. It's just the right amount of interest, so well-composed. It's amazing and beautiful.

  2. What a legacy to your beautiful horse !!! Breathtaking

  3. A really beautiful piece of work....what a lovely tribute to Dancer.

  4. It's been enlightening to watch your progress through this quilt, letting inspiration move you from one place to the next. Love that it wasn't pre-planned.

    And I appreciate seeing your post-project, trashed sewing space. I do exactly the same thing, and like you, can't progress to the next project until it's all tidied up again. But what a wonderful feeling, that anticipation, when it's time to dig into the next project. Bliss!

  5. A beautiful piece-nice work and video. What sewing machine do you use?

  6. Hi Wen,
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    I bought a little Bernina Quilters Edition about 7 years ago and it has made all the difference in my machine quilting. I would love to own a George long arm sit down machine with a 20 inch throat........when we get our son through college, that is.
    I admire your work Wen and have watched your Holographic video several times. Have you ever done a portrait as a holograph?
    LuAnn in Oregon

  7. Love your rust dye piece. I'm sure it will be chosen. Janet Hartje