Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Challenge Project......Transfer Technique

Challenge Projects Revealed

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Sneak Peek....Challenge Quilt
Last week I gave you this sneak peek at my challenge project.
This is the 4th year my local quilt group has had a challenge.
The challenge theme this year is......HOME.

"Those Who Nurtured and Loved Me"
My challenge quilt
You are looking through 4 and 5 layers of transferred images

I spent the summer experimenting with a dozen different transfer techniques.

For this piece I used TAP....Transfer Artist Paper
I found it created a very clear image, which could be layered several times.
It was also very easy to use.

My strongest memories of HOME are when I was a child at the home of my grandparents. My fondest memory is sitting under the grape arbor with my grandfather eating grapes warmed by the sun.
These grape images are from the grape arbor that is now growing in my backyard.

Quilt Label
Those Who Nurtured and Loved Me

Techniques: TAP Transfer Technique, cotton fabrics, layered with batting and backing, free motion quilted with YLI Variations Thread & Superior Bottom Line Thread, Fast Fused Binding and Fused Label.

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  1. Amazing work! I have TAP but never thought about layering images with it. You've inspired me. It's a wonderful piece.

  2. Hi LuAnn. Yes, the fabrics you saw were sun printed ones using Setacolor Transparent paints. The little squares were made by putting one of the flats that you put plants in at the nursery over the top of painted fabric. It was such a cool look that I need to do it again on a flatter surface. I hand-dye fabrics, too, but the sun print fabric is so easy to do in a really short period of time.

    You do beautiful work. I'm still trying to do things while working full time, getting my son settled in college, and taking care of my 87 year old mother. Until then, I'll marvel at your work. :)