Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cow Pony Rust Quilt.....continues

I am working on the rusted quilt entry again...

Click Images to Enlarge:

Cow Pony Quilt

The weaving is done and I am auditioning background rust fabrics
Background 1

Background 2

Background 3

None of these really gets me excited...

How about using ALL of the background rust fabrics!
I folded them up into borders and pinned them to the design wall.
Now this excites me...

The "Square-ness" of this looks rather boring.
Time to Un-Square it a bit...

I free-hand cut with the rotary cutter and gave the edges a smooth scallop curve.
This adds quite a bit of interest to the center photo transfer image and also the boxy, square appearance is gone...

Horse Shoes on top???

Horse Shoes on the bottom???

I agonized over this for a full day...
I finally took a break and got away from it for awhile.
When I walked back in the Thread Shed, I knew just what to do.

I will post more photos tomorrow...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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  1. Hi LuAnn,

    I feel the urge to tell you my opinion on this quilt ;-))
    First, I think, it will be lovely, I truly like your rusted fabrics and the weaving is gorgeous (especially after you cut this curved edge).
    Second, I like the horseshoes at the bottom better. Maybe its just because I think they "belong" there? I mean - in real life, a horse would have its horseshoes on the ground. Oh my, does this make any sense ???
    Thanks for listening - and keep us posted, please!
    Take care,

  2. Hi!
    What a beautiful quilt!

    I really like the look of the horseshoes going up the left side. Like the ponies are walking away after getting a drink. Just my humble opinion......
    : )