Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Smell Something Burning...

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Clean-Up Cloth Drying

There is always lots of leftover watered down paint from creating Fabric Paper

Clean Up Cloth Rinsed, Dried & Ironed

I love the unpredictability of clean up cloths.
Just like a box of never know what you're gonna get!

Clean Up Cloth Pink & Gold made Orange

Be sure to crunch the fabric up good, that creates the crevices where paint can settle into during the drying process....creating the batik marbled appearance.

Clean Up Cloth Blue Red Gold

This is my favorite one so far...
I could never duplicate this again, it was just luck to get this!

Clean Up Cloth Pink & Gold

I had way too much fabric paint on a piece I was painting, so I took a hunk of muslin and laid it on top to absorb some of the excess made a cool piece of fabric.

I wish you could see how this shimmers...I had a shimmery glittery paint mixed in with the fabric paint and it is so sparkly.....doesn't show in the photos.

Clean Up Cloth Orange & Gold

Clean Up Cloth Red & Gold

Clean Up Cloth Green & Brown

I wasn't paying attention when I was painting fabric...I grabbed acrylic paint instead of the textile fabric paints I was using........I guess the color looked good.

When it dried, it was rather stiff....not soft and nice like the textile paint cloths.

This green cloth would work for a journal cover project.

Clean Up Cloth Purple & Gold

Again, I grabbed acrylic paint instead of the textile paint.
I was happy with the colors.

I was also in a hurry and decided to dry this piece in the microwave...
I read somewhere that you could dry it for 1 minute in the microwave...
So I did...
It wasn't long before I smelled something BURNING!

Clean Up Cloth.....Burned

Like I have told you before.....everything around here is one BIG experiment.

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