Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fabric Paper and Feeding Cattle...

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Spray Painted Fabric Paper

The fabric paper I made yesterday was dry enough to play with this morning.
I tried out Tulip Spray paints and was very happy with the results.

This will be a fun one to stitch!

Fabric Paper Cheesecloth
Spray Painted

Instead of white tissue paper over the top, I substituted cheesecloth.
I love the texture created by the cheesecloth.
This also took the Tulip Spray paint nicely.
The cheesecloth does not like to be rubber stamped.

Fabric Fibers & Cheesecloth

No paper in this piece...

Not sure how I will paint this one???

Fabric Paper Map & Cheesecloth

I plan to put a translucent wash of paint over this piece.

CLOSE UP view of Cheesecloth texture

Flowering Cherry Tree Leaves

Made time to rake up the very last of the leaves this afternoon.
They are wonderful mulch on all of the flowerbeds!

Feeding Cattle

Late in the day I jumped in the feed wagon with Brad to run down the road and feed the cattle. I made the best of the available light for these photos.

Round Bales

We make our own hay into 6 foot round bales.
No more handling small bales by hand....this is all tractor work.

Once the bale is pushed off the pick up, the metal bale feeder is rolled over and on top of the bale for feeding.

Loading more hay to take up river.
The tractor has bale spears on both ends.
Less trips from the barn to get hay.

The cattle have been fed.....time to get home and make dinner.

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May Your Barn Always Be Full of Hay,

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  1. Love the colors and the farm/ranch education. Thanks for sharing.