Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cow Pony Rust Quilt....Threadwork

Time to play with threads...

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Cow Pony Rust Quilt
Threadwork done on photograph in center of quilt
Satin Stitched Woven inner Border

I am in need of a new camera....these photos leave a lot to be desired.
Thankfully the threadwork is much darker and nicer than these photos portray.

Threadplay on Phototransfer
I can't say enough about the Superior Bottom Line threads!
They are so perfect for heavy threadwork.
Lightweight, no thread build up on front or back side of quilt top.

I used a tiny size 60 needle for all of the threadwork.
The bottom line thread fit through it nicely, and the tiny needle created a tiny hole.

Satin Stitching
Auditioning Threads

I liked the look of the variegated threads.
I kept track of stitch width and length used in the stitch outs.
This was a great reference when I made my thread choice later on in the day.

I decided on the solid brown Mettler Polysheen thread for the satin stitching around the woven inner border. It has a nice sheen to it, and the solid thread defined the edge nicely.

I used a size 80 topstitch needle for the satin stitching, the polysheen thread was a perfect fit in the size 80 needle.
I always try to use the smallest needle possible when I can.


I used an iron-on cut-away stabilizer on the backside of the quilt top.
This helped stabilize the quilt during the heavy threadwork on the phototransfer.

The stabilizer was the biggest help when it came time to stitch the two layers of satin stitching around the woven inner border. The quilt top did not buckle at all during the satin lays nice and flat thanks to the stabilizer.

6pm.....quit stitching for the day.

Tomorrow I will layer the top with batting and backing and begin the machine quilting.
For me........this is "the frosting on the cake!"

Bread cooling in the kitchen window...

Buttered Bread is so pretty

Rice Pudding

Our boys came home for the holiday so I made two of their favorites.
Sometimes I have to tear myself away from the stitching and earn my keep around this place...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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