Monday, September 7, 2009

My FIRST Quilt 1987

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1987 My FIRST Quilt

Rail Fence Baby Quilt

I took a class and came home with a completed baby quilt top.
I remember how excited I was, exhilarated is more like it.
I didn't walk out of the quilt shop.....I floated on a cloud.

I tied the quilt and quickly sent it off to my cousin who just had a baby boy.
I continued to make rail fence quilts for the next few years until I took a Log Cabin quilt class.....then I made log cabins for the next few years.

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My LAST Quilt

Woven Sunshine
Original Applique Design & Machine Quilting by me

22 years after making my first quilt I still feel as excited as I was making that rail fence quilt. I have learned so much over the years, shared my passion for quilting with others, exhibit my quilts nationally, teach quilting, enjoy designing, always learning, and most of all hope I am always creating quilted textiles until I take my last breath.

As quilters we are too fearful about making mistakes. We are unduly concerned about making a perfect quilt. What we need to realize is that perfection and creativity are not synonymous. It is almost impossible to be creative and perfect at the same time.
Perfection Stifles Creativity
Thus, with each project we should determine which process is our goal: perfection or creative growth.
If you want to learn or explore a new concept or technique, give yourself permission 2 play, permission to enjoy the process. Learning is often best when punctuated with a mistake or two...even if you are not too thrilled with the consequences at the moment.
Making a perfect quilt is best to strive for when you work with skills or techniques you know very well.
It pleases us greatly to make quilts as perfectly as possible for special gifts or events, such as weddings or births. If you are interested in making a perfect quilt for such an occasion, then work within your world of known techniques and concepts. This is not a time for learning new skills.
Lastly, enjoy yourself. Have fun quilting. It will reward you with beautiful quilts, fascinating explorations, unknown talents, and great friendships. What more could you ask for?

Hens & Hollyhocks

These are the last of the summer images I have to share with you.
The trees in our yard have fiery red leaves, the evenings are cooler, autumn is upon us.

Hydrangeas and Glads

Growing in front of the Thread Shed

Butterfly on a pink spider dahlia

Porch Swing out Back

Enjoy the last of our fleeting summer days, sit outside on the swing, take a nature walk and press botanicals in a book and clean out your flowerbeds and bring the last of the flowers indoors to enjoy in a vase on the kitchen table.

May Your Heart Always Be Full of Summer Pleasures,

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  1. Well said LuAnn! I tend towards perfectionism in other areas of my life, but with my quilting, I want to be creative! I love your woven sunflower quilt, and also the progression from your first quilt to where you are now, & still thrilled by it all!

  2. I ment to comment yesterday but the puter wasn't playing nice.
    I think we must have startd quilting around the same time. I made several rail fence quilts in the early years. MIne had to be hand tied. I love when quilters share the journey.
    The art quilts are beautiful BUT the utility quilts are always my favorites. great job cw

  3. You are so right. There's a time for creativity AND a time for perfection. I think the best quilts are perfectly imperfect, showing creativity and personality.