Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Paul Harvey in Idaho

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Idaho Buffalo

Paul Harvey came along to Idaho with us last week.

Roman Nose Huckleberry Picking Trip

Everybody LOVES Huckleberries, especially the BEARS

Roman Nose

A great place to picnic

Roman Nose
Brad & I having lunch on top of Roman Nose in Idaho
Paul Harvey came on the picnic with us.

Roman Nose Lake

What a fun day in Idaho at Roman Nose

Uncle Kenny & Anny Donna picked Huckleberries.
Brad hiked around Roman Nose Lake.
I picked botanicals and pressed them in a phone book.

The next day we had an all-day textile arts workshop:
Paul Harvey with the students at the workshop

10 days on the road and we pulled down our driveway at 5pm tonight. It is good to be home. Once the bags are unpacked and the mail is sorted I will put together a slideshow of our wonderful workshop. The students created some incredible textile art. I will share it with you soon!

Why did I name my quilt Paul Harvey? READ HERE

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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