Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Evolution of a Quilter -Virtual Tour of Exhibit 3

A few more quilts from the exhibit:

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framed under glass
24 x 36


My husband’s red heeler dog was a loyal companion

for many years.

This quilt was made to honor Cowgirl

and her significance in our family.

We miss you Sissy


LuAnn McDonald Kessi

Harlan, Oregon


Techniques: Machine Pieced, Photo Transfer

Quilters are the storytellers of our generation, weaving tales and stitching stories with needles, fabric and thread.


A Letter to Brad from Cowgirl

A Loyal, Loving Red Heeler

To My Best Friend Brad,

I came to live with you when I was just a pup. You are the best friend a dog could ever have. I rode “shotgun” for you the rest of my life, and what a life it was!

Our days began and ended in a ride in Big Blue. We rode along together down the bumpy gravel road. You drove and I watched the pedals. We had many adventures together fixing fence, feeding cattle, going to the sheep barn. You never had to look for me, I was always right there by your side. You were the most important person in my life. Gosh, you were my life!

Everyone was my friend. I was always happy to greet people with a wag and a lick wherever we would go. But it was you that I was devoted to. I would wait outside the barn door for hours for you, and would wag my tail when I saw you come out.

I’m sorry I couldn’t stay any longer, but we were lucky to have 14 years together. And, I’ll still be waiting at the barn door until I see you coming through.

I Love You,


Cabin In The Woods

I started this quilt in 1994 for my husband, Brad.

I included fabrics from my homespun collection of plaids. Each time I added something new to the quilt top, I would wrap it up and give it to Brad for his birthday, father’s day, Christmas......this went on and on for years! I also pulled it apart and changed it several times when he made suggestions about the design. I completed the quilting in 2008.

LuAnn McDonald Kessi

Harlan, Oregon


Techniques: Machine Pieced, Fusible Machine Appliqué, Free Motion Machine Quilting, Borders are original design.

Thomas Jefferson believed "Every experience deeply felt in life needs to be passed along. Whether it be through words or music, chiseled in stone, painted with a brush, or sewn with a needle.

It is a way of reaching for immortality."

Kitty’s Star

Created in 1993 in a Lone Star Quilt Class instructed by Shannon Rettig of Summit, Oregon.

My goal was to learn precision piecing.

While I completed the Hand Quilting and Binding in 2002, Kitty Girl spent the last few weeks of her life asleep on and comforted by this quilt.

LuAnn McDonald Kessi

Harlan, Oregon


Techniques: Machine Piecing, Hand Quilting

The aim of art is to represent not the outward

appearance of things,

but their inward significance.


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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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  1. Thanks for sharing the quilts in the exhibit on your blog. I live too far away to come enjoy them in person, but I am thoroughly enjoying them online.

  2. Aw, I love the Cowgirl quilt! I have a red heeler too, her name is Trudy and she's getting up there in years (12). They are such wonderful dogs!