Thursday, May 21, 2009

Permission 2 Play - Paper Quilts Class

The members of the Permission 2 Play Class met on Tuesday at JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop in Philomath to create Paper Quilts. You can check out what happened in class from the following images...

Paper Quilts
Class Sample: Paper Horses
Click Images to Enlarge:

Kathi is fusing down her paper collage of images to fusible web. The fusible not only holds the images together, but also stabilizes the piece before it is quilted.

This is Kathi's forest themed paper quilt top, basted and free-motion quilted, no binding yet.

This is Kathy with her Silver & Gold paper quilt top. She used a sheet of music as her background. The yellow dahlia will be fun to quilt.

This is Virginia with her Tree paper quilt top. She will quilt it at home and bring it back next month so we can all see the completed quilt.

This is Cindy with her Wild Horses paper quilt top. Her quilt top was inspired by a sheet of music that was labeled Wild Horses.

This is Kathi with her Forest paper quilt top.

This is Cindy with her Birthday March paper quilt top

Kathy's Living Wild paper quilt top

This class was very fun and relaxing. There is something soothing about cutting paper. I think with the invention of our wonderful rotary cutters, we so seldom cut with scissors anymore.

All of the paper quilt tops will be layered with batting and fabric backing, basted and machine quilted....possibly hand quilted too, and eventually bound. I will add the completed paper quilt images to the blog next month. As always, these journal quilts will be exhibited at our local hospital.

I hope you will give paper quilts a try. I plan to spend some time this summer helping my young nieces and nephews make their own paper quilts.

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