Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring Growth

At 3 weeks old the baby chicks are turning into teenagers.......all feathered out with long necks and long legs.
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Each morning when I go out to change their water and fill their feed dishes, they have grown overnight! Where are those little cotton balls with legs we had just 3 short weeks ago?

The black peeps are barred rock and you can really see their black and white checkered feathers growing in.

The State Fair Zinnia seedlings are also 3 weeks old

For now they live in my new garden window in the kitchen. I am enjoying watching them grow too. They are about 6 inches tall now. They will be transplanted in the flowerbeds next month.

We sure enjoyed the flowering cherry tree blossoms this spring. This is the last of them. I couldn't resist taking this photo of Dancer & Freckles out by the yard fence, framed perfectly by the flowering cherry tree.

Tomorrow is Monday, my day to meet with the Harlan Valley Quilters. I better get my quilting supplies packed up and ready to go for the morning.

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Enjoy the rest of the Spring...

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