Friday, May 15, 2009

Chickens & Bedframes

Tuesday I spent 7 hours stitching down the chickens and blades of grass on the Sunflower Quilt. I do love applique work. I tend to rely on my 15 year old New Home sewing machine when I have applique stitching to do.

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Thursday I spent 8 hours on the applique work. That's 15 hours of stitching so far and I am 3/4 of the way across the bottom of the quilt. One more day and the chickens and grass will be all stitched down.

Next week I will begin more design work. The quilt needs a few more sunflowers, and the stems need a lot more leaves. It may take 2 days of designing, cutting and fusing to get it just the way I picture it in my head.

Last month I shared a few images with you of painted bed frames. I told you I would post photos of the bed frames after they were set up by the Thread Shed.

This bed frame fence should work nicely to support all of the 8 foot hollyhocks that will be growing along the side of the Thread Shed this summer.

The hollyhocks grow taller than the roof top. They tend to fall over later in the summer and make it difficult to get any mowing done over in this area.
I am really happy with the way the bed frame fence looks on the side of the Thread Shed.
This is the backside of the Thread Shed. This is a daybed frame we put up a few years ago to support the glads that grow back there. It worked so good, I just had to find more old bed frames to support the hollyhocks on the side of the building.
The big picture window on the end of the building is where my sewing machine is set up. From this window I have a great view of Mary's Peak.

Today was so sunny and nice out......I just couldn't bare to work indoors. This bed of iris is full of buds ready to bloom any day now!

I planted a few petunias and zinnias in this front flower bed. Felt good to get my hands in dirt.

Brad trimmed the vine that grows on an arbor in front of the Thread Shed. It was getting to the point where I could barely make my way in the door to sew.

It was a great day........and now I am ready to get into more stitching again!

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  1. LuAnn, I I'd like to invite you to a "name the quilt" contest for one of my latest design's which is an American eagle. The winner receives a complete kit. Please invite everyone you know to try. You can submit at
    I will post the image on my blogspot.
    Thanks! Toni