Friday, May 22, 2009

A Day On The Coast......Sand Images

We took the dogs to the coast to run on the beach. The tide was way, way, way out. The images of the sand were spectacular. They reminded me of marbled and hand dyed fabrics........yes, I have a one track mind. Look further to see what I did to the images once I was home and imported them into my iPhoto program...

Click Images to Enlarge:

Original sand image

I darkened the image a bit to enhance the lines

I added some brown to make the image look like wood

Now it was time to play with some colors

This reminded me of dyeing fabric.....without all the work

The blues could be used in landscape quilts for sky or water

I could see this pink tone in an applique flower

This light wood color reminds me of the floors in our house

I tried out red just for fun!

This is the second original sand image I chose

Be sure to click these images to enlarge them.
You can still see the sandy texture after they are manipulated and colored up.
The detailed images are wonderful.

Again, I darkened up the exposure a bit to enhance the lines and textures

I added more brown to the image, which reminded me of myrtle wood

I continued to add more and more brown to the image

After manipulating the images with temperature controls & saturation, they began to glow. I really like these.

This is definitely in the plans for transfer to fabric.
This would make a great background for a silhouette image...

A third original sand image

Here I go again manipulating the image, enhancing the lines....this is addicting. If you have an iMac, you should give this a try. The controls are built right into your iPhoto software, directly in the program where your photos are downloaded.

If any of these images inspire you, please download them and put them into your artwork. I don't get carried away with all the copyright issues. My motto is.......Share What You know........Share What You Have.

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From The Oregon Coast,

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