Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flowers Chicks & Grapes...

Monday I spent the day putting together this backing for the sunflower quilt top I completed last week. The quilt top measures 100 inches square. This backing measures 108 inches square. It is too large to see the entire backing on the design wall, so 3 feet of the bottom portion is laying on the floor. If you tip your head to the left, you can view the strips of fabric horizontally rather than vertically. I plan to sandwich the quilt together so the back is horizontal. I will keep you updated as the free-motion quilting progresses...

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The iris are really putting on a show this week

The baby chicks are 6 weeks old. The barred rock peeps are all feathered out with their black and white poke-a-dots. They have become the friendlies of the baby chicks. They run over to the food and water each morning when I come to do chores.

You can see all 3 breeds... Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons & Barred Rocks. They no longer look like baby chicks...more like miniature hens.

Just in time for hanging laundry on the line... the pink lilac bush, just outside the back door, is beginning to bloom... and it smells yummy. It is located a few feet from the clothesline... the aroma lures me outdoors to hang the clothes.

The grape arbor is beginning to leaf out. I strung out a soaker hose around it yesterday. This fall the leaves will turn purple with bright lime green veins. I press them in the phone books, then toss them all over the table on Thanksgiving.

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