Thursday, May 21, 2009

Working Cattle

We spent the day working cattle Wednesday.

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While the guys were rounding up the cows and calves, I wandered around with my camera. This is what the corral looks like empty before the cattle arrive.

It took a couple of hours to get all the cows and calves rounded up and herded down the river to the corral. Once in the corral they are sorted off: cows in one pen, calves in the other.

The cows are run through the squeeze chute first. They are wormed, vaccinated and get new fly tags in their ears. The tags keep the flies off their face during the summer months.

Here are a few of the mama cows being sorted off into different pens.

Every head of cattle is branded with the DK brand on their right hip.

This is one of the bulls. As far as bulls go, he is a gentle giant and beautiful too.

This is the pen of calves. I rarely get to see them up close when they are out in the pasture with the mama cows. This is always the best opportunity to photograph them each year.

I hate to play favorites cute is this little guy!

I have a soft spot for baby calves. At one time I bought bull calves from the dairy, as many as 50 a year, and raised them on a bottle. It was a great way for me to be a stay-at-home Mom and have an income.

This is an up-close image of part of the corral. I love the metal strapping that is wrapped around the posts and intertwined with weeds and ferns.

This is teasel.....Brad calls them Horrible Weeds.
They are leftover from last year. I like when they get to this state and they are all dried out and prickly.

More Horrible Weeds in front of the sheep barn.
They inspire me to put them into a photo transfer quilt sometime.

If you are inspired by any of these images, you are welcome to download them and put them into your artwork. I would love to see a photo of what you do with them.

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