Monday, September 11, 2023

September in Cellars...


I have spent most of this year plowing

my way through a pile of fabric panels

I have acquired over the years...

I completed the design work on this autumn

panel in March and it is time to get it

quilted and hung in our living room...

The maple leaf blocks in the border

give this quilt so much movement...

The quilt is basted and on the

Sweet Sixteen

Sit-Down Long Arm

I began the quilting in the morning and 

the quilt was done by 9pm...

Most of the quilting was accomplished with

these two long arm rulers...

The top ruler is the Line Tamer

The bottom ruler is the HQ Ditch Ruler

I used the Line Tamer for all of the

vertical quilting lines on the trees

in the center of the panel...

I quilted a diagonal grid on the leaf borders...

I used the HQ Ditch Ruler

to create the piano key quilting

in the final border...

The machine quilting is complete

and it is time to trim and square up the quilt...

The 20 inch square up ruler works best !

The binding is stitched and pressed...

The binding feeds so nicely out of this

container set down between my feet...

This quilt will be displayed in our living room

so I have included a hanging sleeve 

on the back...

I have a 72 inch quilt shelf that I had made

30 years ago that hangs in our living room,

and I make quilts to display on it.

The Quilt Label is stitched in place

and the quilt is officially done...

Autumn begins September 23...

we will hang it up and I will take a picture.

More To Come !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Love it! Such a warm inviting panel.

    1. Thank You Jocelyn. We are looking forward to seeing on the wall this autumn.


  2. Beautiful! It will look amazing on the wall. 😘

  3. This is lovely, and I bet you have it on display as I write (Sept 19). Thank you for showing how the rulers work, and the great label. I get stuck on labels--what to write, how to create them so they don't fade, and how to attach them. So basically everything about labels. lol.. Do you have a tut on this?

    1. Howdy Dahn, yes this quilt now hangs on the wall in our living room and will brighten up the room when the rainy days come back here to Western Oregon. You can find my quilt label tutorial here:

      Happy Autumn,

    2. Thanks for the link--I'm off to check it out. And this wonderful quilt will surely brighten up your room as fall/winter rains come.

    3. Coming in again--the label tut is perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thanks again. :-)