Friday, July 24, 2020

Hay Season......almost over

All of the hay has been baled.

Now it is time to haul it out of the fields

to store it away until winter...

Pulling down the driveway here at home...

All of the barns have been stuffed full of hay...

we will begin piling the bales outdoors now

and cover them with plastic 

before it rains in the fall.

The goats came out of the barn to see what

all of the commotion was about...

The round hay bales are loaded with the tractors

onto 30 foot trailers...

They are storing the hay next to the barn...

I can see the hay bales stacked up

just outside the window of the Thread Shed

I can also see the cow barns across the river

from the Thread Shed window...

A few miles up river:

The Cowboy is hauling more bales 

out of the field.

The tractor can haul 2 bales at a time...

The hay bales are piling up...

Before the rain begins in September,

we will cover all of these stacks with plastic

to keep them dry until the hay is fed 

to the cows this winter.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,



  1. Your blog is a bit of fresh air in these crazy times. You photos are wonderful.
    My husband was from a town outside of Galway, Ireland. I remember the summer visit from Miami to Ireland, the year after we married. We were planning this and planning that...when the men all came in to announce that the neighbors were coming over because the hay had to be brought in now, before the rains...Now??? Really...They needed everyone. TBTG I could drive a stick shift...surprising everyone and was delegated to driving the tractor...This was such a foreign experience to me...the urgency and the entire family helping...xoxo to you.

  2. Many thanks for your lovely comment. I enjoyed hearing about your haying adventures. Memories are a wonderful thing.

    My Best To You,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  3. Amazing to see it all stacked up! And, the view from your window with those beautiful flowers and the sky made me think of the song long ago from my childhood, "Home on the Range".

    1. Thank you Celia for your nice comment and your memories.

      Happy Summer To You,