Thursday, July 2, 2020


In May I started playing around on my 

beading table...

This is what happened:

Tassel Necklaces

I ordered the recycled sari ribbon from Etsy...

Everything else came from my bead drawers...

These are great FUN to create !

These photos are actually backwards...

The necklaces came last.

First came the individual tassels:

I made this brown tassel with waxed cording,

then found a purse in my closet that

worked with the tassel.

This is actually the very first tassel I created:

My inspiration was the big blue bead 

on top of the tassel...

it motivated me to create something around it.

Now you know my tassel history...

These are a great way to use up orphan beads

left over from previous projects.

You Tube has lots of tassel tutorials.

Sellers on Etsy have lots of these to sell you.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


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  1. Who knew tassels could be so lovely! Thanks for the inspiration.