Thursday, September 27, 2018

Handcrafted.....Foam Stamps


I have been saving up plastic food containers

all summer long...

they work great as the base for

creating these handcrafted foam stamps...

to create the stamps...

The size of the plastic container determines

the size of the stamp you create...

I double up the foam sheets 

so the stamp is thicker,

easier to apply paint 

when you are stamping with them...

The foam sheets are backed with paper.

I draw the design on the paper side,

then cut out the shape with regular scissors...

it cuts like butter!

After cutting the shape, I pull off the backing 

paper to expose the adhesive side,

then press it down onto the plastic...

ta-da you have a handcrafted foam stamp!

I use these stamps for jello printing

and also direct printing on fabric.

CLICK HERE to watch me use these stamps

CLICK HERE to see more stamping

CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. I've used the stickie foam to make stamps with but never thought of "doubling" up! Great tip!! Thanks!!!

  2. Hi Robbie,
    When cleaning these somewhat fragile stamps, I try and stamp off as much of the paint as possible, then just wipe and clean the stamps by hand. When I put the stamps in water, the adhesive wanted to come off around the edges. How do you clean your handcrafted foam stamps?


  3. Oh, I can't wait to see the fabric you create with these stamps!!! Thanks for the hints on how to make them and how to care for them.

  4. I never thought about doubling up on the foam. I like the idea about the plastic food tops. I like to use cardboard or heavy foam, but I'm going to try the lids. As always thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi Lynda, The clear see-through lids help with placement when you are stamping. They also wipe off easily for clean up.