Thursday, September 6, 2018

Canvas Tote Bags.....Rivet Handles

I have decided to try attaching the handles

to my tote bags with

Double Cap Rivets

I have sewn handles by machine

and also hand stitched them to the bags.

I wasn't happy with either method.

The double cap rivet gives a clean finish

on both sides of the bag.

I have never done this before,

so I was a little nervous punching holes

into the first canvas bag:

It worked!

The rivets give a nice, clean look to the bag

and hold the leather handles on securely.

Close Up view of rivets

I am in love with double cap rivets!

Bag 1

Bag 1.....Lining

Bag 2

Bag 2.....Lining

Bag 3

You can see best on the white handles,

the rivets looks neat on the inside

of the bag:

Bag 3.....Lining

Messy Painted Tote Bags

with leather handles and...

Double Cap Rivets!

What's not to Love?

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Really love your totes of painted canvas and leather handles! I might have to try some, but need to buy new paints, mine have dried up from years back!

    1. I have lots of different paints from very inexpensive to very expensive. I tend to use the inexpensive craft paints for the canvas painting. They dry so quickly that I am able to layer them quickly during the painting process without having to wait for them to dry in between.

  2. Punching holes in those beauties would be hard but they did come out perfectly!! Love all your totes and the lining fabrics are soooo beautiful too!

  3. Where did you purchase your rivet tools?? I love making bags and would like to try this on my next

    1. Double cap rivets can be purchased on Amazon. I bought the sets that included the tools and I also like the sets that offer 3 different sizes as well as 3 different colors. Very affordable, about $10 a set.

  4. LuAnn,

    Could the rivets be used with fabric handles, or do you need the density and thickness of the leather?


    1. Yes, the rivets can definitely be used on fabric handles. Rivets come in all different sizes, depending on the thickness of your handles. I would imagine fabric handles would take a smaller rivet, but they work very well.

  5. Lu Ann, thanks for the great info on using rivets. I see you bought the Linda kit. Will that have everything I need? Was wondering if you need different caps for the different size rivets in the kit. Thanks for your help.

    1. Yes the double cap rivet sets I purchased on Amazon have everything you need for about $10

  6. Hi everyone, I haven't been receiving any blogger comments for several months now. I thought everyone was having a fun and busy summer and wasn't reading the blog.....just today I discovered lots and lots of blogger comments waiting for my moderation. Not sure how that happened? I will try and respond to any questions you had....which may take me awhile to get through several months of comments, but I will peck away at it a little each day. Sorry for the lack of communication on my part. Happy to see all of the comments waiting for me. My Best To You, LuAnn Kessi in Western Oregon

  7. Did you buy leather strapping or individually made handles? Thank you for all this really helpful information.

    1. I purchased the leather handles from Amazon. Here is the link: