Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday......Sunflower Progress Report

Here we go with another Monday

progress report on the Sunflower...

I am curve piecing my way 

along the top of the flower.

The blue background gets darker 

along the top edge...

This distant image gives you some perspective

of just how big this flower really is...

At this point all of the petals are stitched in place.

I am beginning the green leaves 

along the top left side...

5:00....I called it a day

Just a little corner left to piece.

Here's a look at real flowers

growing in the back yard this evening:

Dinner Plate Dahlias...

Always a favorite of mine...

Black Eyed Suzy

This little green fly loves the flowers...

The grape arbor in the back yard 

is putting on a show!

We know autumn has arrived when the 

grape leaves turn gorgeous shades of red...

I tasted a few of the grapes...

they are almost ready,

maybe another week or so.

We have 12 different varieties of table grapes

growing on the arbor...

Wishing you a colorful Autumn!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Always enjoy your posts. Love your quilts and the flowers and pastures are a wonderful contrast to my daily life in New Mexico!

  2. Many thanks Lynn for your very kind comments.....much appreciated!
    My Best To You,

  3. Your flowers around the farm are breathtaking! As is your sunflower! WOW! I didn't realize how large it was...great perspective with your latest photo!

  4. Thanks Robbie! This has been such a fun and relaxing project.....I don't want it to end. I am already wanting to create another one in a different colorway.
    All The Best,

  5. Flowers alive - delight! I like to look at your landscape at home !!! I'm waiting for sunflowers to be ready !! Grandiose work !! I like the sticks on the edges !! Fabrics are gorgeous !! A lot of work !!

  6. Thanks You Светлана Жули!

    My Best To You,

  7. Beautiful work LuAnn! Love your sunflower! Your garden is absolutely resplendent.
    While I may not comment on your every post, I do enjoy them to the hilt.
    Create on!!!
    Christina in SW FL

  8. Thanks so much for your kind comments! So glad you enjoy the blog.

    Happy Autumn to You,

  9. I don't comment very often on anyone's blog but I truly enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Well, thanks so much Darcy!

    Wishing you a Wonderful Autumn,

  11. Hey LuAnn,

    Any chance of a more distant photo of the grape arbor? So we can see more of it's magnificence? Your sunflower's spectacular!

    maggie h