Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sewing and Calving...

This time of year I think about sewing and 

quilting more than I actually do any of it...

The Thread Shed has been mostly silent

the last few months...

I did enjoy stitching these 2 bunny dolls 

last week.

While I am thinking about sewing and quilting,

I am here at the cow barns:

Calving season began 6 weeks ago

and we are half way done.

We have red and white Shorthorn calves 

this year

I just adore this super cute heifer

After 3 years of Black Angus calves,

these Shorthorn calves are...

 a punch of color for me!

This pretty heifer is Ruby...

She is a chip off the old block:

This is Ruby's daddy, Fernando.

She is marked exactly like him,

including the white heart on her forehead!

Remember this little guy?

This is our very first calf this year, Ollie

This is Ollie today....6 weeks old

It will be May before we are done calving...

I will try and sneak in a few stitches 

every chance I get!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Such cute bunnies and magnificent calves!!! I am sure it is some what stressful worrying about all of them. You seem to handle it well. Love your wonderful sewing and creating. Take care and Happy Spring from Iowa, we do not have spring yet but I am hoping soon! LOL

  2. What a sweet post! Your bunnies (including the triplets in the dress) are too cute. Your days are certainly full with calving season - thanks for sharing those great photos. Your Thread Shed awaits . . .

  3. LuAnn, there is an abundance of cuteness around your place! The babies are so adorable as are the bunnies. I've made one of those patterns and they are a lot of work. Your set turned out beautifully and so cute.
    Enjoy your Thread Shed as much as possible. :) And let Calgon take you away once in a while too.
    ~ Christina in SW FL

  4. Seeing the pictures of Ollie, it’s amazing how quickly and how much he’s grown.

  5. The bunnies are adorable! They just make you smile!!! I enjoy the updates on the calves! Love seeing how they grow!

  6. The babies and your farm are beautiful and also a lot of work I'm sure. Enjoy them both. I enjoy and love all your creative work. Keep it up!