Monday, September 4, 2017

Fabric Wrapped Rug....2

It's been more than a year

since I created a

Fabric Wrapped rug

The fabric strips are cut,

400 feet of  3/16 cotton clothesline rope,

Glue Stix

Let's......light this candle!

I am using a size 90

Superior Threads Topstitch Needle

I backed off a tiny bit 

on the presser foot pressure dial

Just like riding a bike...

it is all coming back to me!

50 feet of clothesline rope 

stitched so far...

100 feet sewn @ this point...

I am attaching the next 

100 foot clothesline bundle...

I use a small piece of fabric 

covered with glue stick

 and place the 2 ends together on top...

Wrap the glued fabric around the 2 ends

and roll it up tight...

You are back in the saddle again,

ready to stitch the next 100 feet...

When 1 strip ends...

I put glue on the end of it...

and add the next piece of fabric to it.

This is what 200 feet of clothesline rope

looks like all stitched up...

It was 104 degrees today

and the Thread Shed does not have A/C...

The next 200 feet will have to wait until

it is cooler next week!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. very large will you make it??

  2. Hi Robbie,

    I will use 400 feet of clothesline rope, which gives me a 39 inch circle. The rug is for a nursery, so I don't want to too big.

    These are FUN and it is hard to stop. Someday I will make a huge monster size rug just for FUN!