Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sun Printing....Botanicals

Summer has gotten away from me this year...

It is nearly gone...

I gathered up the sun printing supplies

yesterday and got right with it!

I am using Pebeo Setacolors
1 part paint to 3 parts water
White cotton fabric

Click image to Enlarge:

Tree Leaves, Black Paint, Salt

Sweet Gum Tree Leaves, Black Paint, Salt

Leaves, Purple Paint, Salt

Tall grasses picked along the driveway,
Purple Paint, Salt

Grasses....Close Up View

Here come the ferns...

Ferns, Black Paint, Salt

Ferns, Lt Green Paint

Ferns, Dk Green Paint, Salt

Close Up View to show salt texture

Fern on left no salt

Fern on right has salt

Non-Botanical Sun Prints:

Ostrich Feathers, Black Paint, Salt

Close Up View

Ostrich Feathers, Purple Paint, Salt

Ostrich Feathers.....Close Up View

Round Plastic Discs

Cheesecloth scrunched, Black Paint

Close Up View

Today we spent the day in the bull field

building fence...

These are the yearling Shorthorn Bulls

we brought home in May...

I hate to play favorites....but,

This is Fernando....he is so darn cute!

He has a big, white, heart on his forehead.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. I never thought of sun printing with black! WOW! Really nice results...actually, each one is quite nice but I'm really liking the black prints!

  2. Hi Robbie,

    I am always dyeing and painting with very colorful jewel tones, which make me happy. My fabric cupboards are full of them. So....I am trying to use black as well as adding black to all of my colors to dirty them and grunge them up a bit....they may work for my abstract quilts. We will see if they end up in any of my future compositions.
    My Best To You,

  3. love the grass prints - would love to have some in multiple colors -

  4. Love the ostrich and cheese cloth ones, so textural.

  5. The grass prints are my favorites, but they are all so pretty.

  6. So when are you planning to sell your beautiful fabrics, hmmmm?? Most of us don't have the space to create our own and/or the botanicals around our homes are so limited compared to yours! Love them all! I want to learn how to make all of these!