Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fabric Wrapped Rug 2.....Done!

This is the second rug I have created by

wrapping fabric around clothesline

then zig zag stitching it together...

These are a great deal of FUN!

This one is for a baby boy nursery...

I used medium gray thread for the stitching...

3/16 inch cotton clothesline...

Size 90 needle in the sewing machine...

400 feet of clothesline creates a 

39 inch circle.

I used 5 yards of fabric and

nearly 2,000 yards of thread.

Give it a try.....lots of FUN!

Here are a few random images

captured through my camera lens:

Quilt House

Butterfly in front flower bed

Close up of the Moon from our backyard

Click image to enlarge!

White Cap Sparrow

in the back yard

You are welcome to use these images

in your personal art work.

:  to see My Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Oh my I love the pic of the Quilt House. What a fun community project that would be to make.

  2. Like to know more about the rug. Types of fabric used? can u hand sew it together? What is the process? Winding the fabric around the clozeline? Great idea!!

  3. I also love the rug and would like to know more about the fabric used, how you stitched it together on your machine, etc. I have a new grandbaby and would love to make one for her room. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Click the link below to view a Nancy's Notions video tutorial to create fabric wrapped clothesline projects.

    Have FUN,
    LuAnn Kessi

  5. Great I need to make some!! Thanks for the link to the tutorial! Your camera certain captures some very special snippets of life!