Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trail Camera......Night Videos

Trail Camera.....Night Videos

Bobcat, Bunny, Possum, Deer, Cougar

In the very last video...

@ the bottom of the screen...

look for the cougar tail as it passes directly

below the camera!


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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Your web cam is more interesting that the Animal Adventure Park webcam with April & Oliver! I can't get over how busy your trail is, with all those critters. What fun.


  2. It looks like the bobcat is a frequent visitor. Very cool to see the mountain lion's tail as it wandered through.

  3. Feel like I just watched an a for NATGEO!

  4. Lots of awesome critters live with you on the farm!! Do you ever have trouble with cougars and your goats or calves? One night hubby went outside at our farm and saw eyes at the end of our driveway...too big to be our barn cats or a coyote, too low to the ground to be was a cougar! He ran back into the house, grabbed a rifle and went out on his four-wheeler to try to find it (scared me that he was hunting it in the dark!) but luckily it disappeared too quickly. They are amazing animals but it took me a while to feed the horses without being armed, just in case!

  5. We rarely, if ever, have trouble with cougars. There are so many deer here, their natural food source, that they have plenty to eat and do not go after domestic livestock.

    All The Best,