Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trail Camera.....Bottle Calves

Bottle Babies

The bottle calves are doing quite well.

They drink a 3 pint bottle of milk 3 x daily.

I have offered them hay and grain.

The red grain box is always empty?

I wanted to see who was eating all of the grain?

I thought maybe the barn swallows 

were eating it?

Maybe our chickens were eating it?

We set up the trail camera in the calf pen

to see who was eating the grain...


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It looks like Number 25 

is eating most of the grain.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. I'm blown away how much these two "little" calves eat. Doesn't look like #25 is as interested in the grain & hay as much as his friend is. Glad to see they are both gainining weight and look super healthy. Adorable calves, whom I'm sure are keeping you very busy.


  2. Howdy Quilt Shop Gal,

    Although we would rather see calves raised by their mamas, they have really put some life back into our barn here @ home. We lost both of our horses last autumn and our barn has been so quiet and lonely. These little calves make the barn a fun place to be.

    Many thanks always for your comments,

    LuAnn Kessi

  3. LuAnn, I started following your blog some time ago for the quilt projects you post. However, I think I am equally enjoying all you post about the farm, especially the cows and bottle calves. I'm totally enthralled. Thanks for sharing both parts of you life.

  4. So glad it is the boys eating the grain! How fun to watch them licking themselves and resting in the corner while the chickens stroll around the barn! Glad the boys are doing so well and liven up your barn. I think they are just adorable :)

  5. So glad everyone is enjoying the farm related posts. My little Canon 50X camera is small and very easy for me to take everywhere I go and has an incredible zoom which allows me to film the animals from a great distance if need be. I am having FUN sharing the daily ins and outs of what we do. Many thanks to all of you for your very kind comments.
    My Best To You,