Sunday, May 28, 2017

Cattle go to Town...

This was a very wet, long winter.

A few of the mother cows have long feet

that need to be trimmed.

We hauled them to town to the vet school...

Dr. Joe and the vet students 

took good care of our cattle.

You can watch the hoof trimming

in the video below:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Interesting video LuAnn. Thank goodness for squeeze chutes and power tools!

  2. Yes, that squeeze chute is on steroids, it is massive. I wish we had it here @ home, then we could care for the cattle ourselves and no need to haul them into town. We are fortunate to have the vet school just an hour away. They have been caring for our animals for many years.

  3. Poor momma cow...she was terrified when they moved her on to her side - the eyes always tell!! What a great way to keep the cow from hurting herself and hurting the vets while they work on her. Having my horses' hooves trimmed is so much easier then caring for the cows' hooves and my boy is always barefoot. You are fortunate that the vet school is close enough for you to take your girls there. I never thought of cows needing their hooves trimmed - what causes only some of the girls to have a problem? You mentioned that you have had a wet winter and I know that if horses are in a wet field for too long they get split frogs, but I would love to know why/how the wet winter affected the cows! Great videos and thanks for being a fount of information about cattle for me!!

  4. Well, this was another fascinating video!!! We've always had our horses trimmed or shod...but I don't remember having to do the cows!! Do cows founder?? For a farm gal, I feel ignorant when it comes to the cows...they were milked or became our dinner (hence, I'm not a big meat eater!!). Thanks again for the education...I loved the babies running to their mama cows!

  5. Our very wet Western Oregon winters mean lots of soft ground and lots of mud. The cattle don't grind their hooves off like they should on drier ground, so they grow long and need to be trimmed.


  6. Now THAT was so interesting. I cant imagine the cow likes to be hauled up and sideways, but it looks like it is so much easier for the person trimming the hooves. Thank you for posting. I know so little about cows, and I am enjoying this whole process.