Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last night I put the finishing touches on

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Striped Batik.......cut on 45 degree angle

I cut the binding strips 1 3/4 inches...
They wrapped nice and tight around the edge and filled up the binding round and plump.

Your quilt is not complete until you sew the label on...

The song:
Milk River Ridge
By: Ian Tyson
Is a favorite of ours.

This quilt lends itself nicely to the machine quilting process.
As you top stitch over all of the applique' pieces, you are actually doing the machine quilting.

The only quilting I had to plan out was the background behind the horse, and I simply echo quilted the shapes around the horse head.
The border area only needed some wavy lines, no intricate quilting motifs.
The thread work remains secondary, so the horse is the main focus.

If you have a Toni Whitney pattern.....pull it out of the cupboard and treat yourself to a few hours of fun!
I have maybe 20 hours total into the making of this quilt.
It was a joy.


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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Horses,


Karin said...

I hope Stormy will have a place of honor in your home. Between watching you create this work of art and hearing listening to Ian Tyson, I am completely enchanted. I'm still not entirely convinced he's as easy to piece as you say, but I'm getting close. There is something completely majestic about a horse and you have captured that beauty perfectly! Thank you too for the label tutorial - I needed that badly!

Kathy said...


Vicki W said...

Stormy is fabulous!

LuAnn Kessi said...

Thanks for your kind words and support.
This little quilt was a real treat to put together.
Every once in awhile I work from a pattern, and this one was so much fun.
Now I need to get to work and finish the quilting on the raffle quilt now that the Bernina has been serviced and is ready to go.
My Best To All of You,
LuAnn in Oregon

LuAnn Kessi said...

Yes, Stormy will hang in our house.
Brad really likes him, and picked out a place on the wall to display Stormy.

Talin's Corner said...

Stormy is just beautiful.