Sunday, October 24, 2010

Portrait on Fabric.....Gunnr

This face is a constant source of daily entertainment in our house!

4 yr old Boxer

Altered in Photoshop Elements
Using the Photocopy filter.
Printed on Fabric
CLICK HERE to view Photoshop Tutorial

Using Neocolor II Crayons
to color in Gunnr's Fabric Portrait
Very much like coloring in a child's color book

The printed photo is a big help in determining which colors to use in which areas.
His face has lots of light and dark areas.

5 different shades of brown crayons are used to color in his face and body.

Textile Medium & Water
Mixed together 1 part water & 1 part textile medium
Applied with a small paint brush

The Neocolor II are richer and darker after the Textile Medium is applied.

Hair Dryer
Drying Gunnr before I do the background coloring

5 Different shades of blue for the background
Lightest to Darkest Blue from Top to Bottom

Textile Medium Mixture brightened up those blues.
Time to audition Border Fabrics...

Gel Glue Resist Fabric
This is whimsical and fun!

Paintstik Fabric.....1

Paintstik Fabric.....2

Paintstik Fabric......3

Paintstik Fabric......4
The gold in the paintstik circle brings out the gold highlights in Gunnr's hair.
This is the background I will use...

Now... to find a backing fabric and get this layered with batting.

CLICK HERE to see this Quilted

CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

To print your image like a coloring page:
Import the image into Photo shop.
Using your filters: double click photocopy.
This will remove all of the color.
You now have a coloring page image to print out on fabric.
Click Here to view a Photoshop Elements Tutorial
CLICK HERE to view Neocolor II Slideshow
CLICK HERE to view Paintstik Play Day
CLICK HERE to view Working Cattle
CLICK HERE to view My First Quilt
May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. LuAnn - that is pretty cool! Great results - looks just like him...have fun quilting this - I also love the border you chose, Linda G. at

  2. Hi Linda,
    I miss your sweet face.
    Come to the Thread Shed and play soon!

  3. Thanks for this great tutorial! I found you from googling about a fixative for neocolors. I posted your link to my creative art class Facebook page--Creative Clearinghouse. We'd love to have you check us out. We love fiber arts and are trying to expand our class listings.

    Thanks again!! Lori Leissner