Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quilting Stormy...

I am working on Stormy today.

Let's see where the day takes us...

Click Images to Enlarge:


I chose a medium brown batik for the inner border

Auditioning Final Border Fabrics:

I pulled a variety of light, medium & dark fabrics and arranged them around the edges.

Medium Browns are yummy...

Dark Fabrics...

Dark/Textured Fabrics...

Light Fabrics...

Medium Browns are too blendy with the inner border

Dark Fabrics are well......too dark

I love this fabric......but it just demands too much attention.
I want the horse to be center stage.

I like the light fabric......but I think I can do better

This fabric is light, but warm........the horse is the main focus.
I think we have a winner !

Basted and ready to go under the needle

Backing Fabric & Bobbin Thread
I chose a medium gray thread to blend into the backing fabric.

I plan to use 2 threads for the quilting on the horse.
There are a lot of different fabrics, and I don't plan on changing threads 30 times!

This medium brown thread will work for all of the lighter areas.

The size 75 needle will work nicely for this tiny 60 wt thread.

I warmed up on a quilt sandwich to get the tension adjusted:

I had to decrease the tension to nearly 1

All of the lighter fabrics have been quilted...


I am now ready to quilt the darker areas:

I chose a dark brown thread

All of the dark fabrics have been quilted:

Nose & Mouth........Quilted

I am using an off-white thread for the background behind the horse head:

I shadow stitched mane hair into the background fabric

Ready to Quilt the Border:

This golden yellow thread should work nicely

I want the border to be textured, but I don't want the stitches to be center stage and take away from the central horse image...

Border.......Machine Quilted

Next..... a binding treatment

I am calling it a day...

Here is the view as I push myself away from the sewing machine:

Gunnr & Suzy
The best Quilting Dogs I know

Gunnr 3 year old Boxer
Suzy 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Patsy said...

Love the quilt and love the tutorial! Thanks for sharing your day!

MARIKA said...

Wonderful work i hope so there will be courage once for me to prepare my husband .very old dream and desire to prepare and to surprise my husband with what rider man

Toni Whitney said...

LuAnn you are just amazing!!! We are going to HAVE to work together one of these days...anyone who gets to take one of your classes should count themselves very lucky!!!

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Toni,
Love your pattern! You make the whole process so easy and fun. Your pattern image really helps determine the values of the fabrics to be used in the proper places, and your numbering system for all of the pattern pieces makes assembly so simple.
Thanks for creating patterns that anyone can do.
Yes, let's work together sometime and see what we can do.
LuAnn in Oregon