Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flour Paste Resist......Part 2

10 days ago I covered this fabric with flour paste

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Today I am covering the dried flour paste with paint
Jacquard Textile Paint

To create all of the cracks in the dried flour I scrunched it, rolled it and even pulled it over the edge of the table until I achieved the effect I thought it needed.
It was great fun listening to the flour cracking and popping!

I covered the table with plastic, then placed wire baking racks down for the fabric to lay on.
I am hoping the racks will help the air flow under the fabric to help it dry quicker.

I applied some paint to the dried flour side of the fabric...
I wonder if it is going through to the back?

Checking the back side to see if the paint is seeping through the cracks in the flour.

Looks good to me...

Remember, this is my first attempt at this surface design technique, so at this point everything is an experiment.

All of the paint has been applied...
It's not overly impressive at this stage.

I flipped it over to see the back side of the fabric:

Fine, detailed cracks on the back side of the fabric.

This is fun......time for more:

Flour Paste Fabric 2
Rust Dye Fabric
I chose earth tone paints for the rusted fabric.

All of the paint has been applied to the flour side.

Then I turned it over to the back side to see what was happening:

I am thrilled with the results !

I have heard it said that there is nothing more boring
than watching paint dry...
I disagree !
This looks so cool.

The paint will dry for 3 days.......
This will help set the paint so it doesn't all wash out with the flour paste later.

Normally I heat set the textile paint, but I am unable to do that until after the flour paste has been washed out.

So for now a 3 day passive set is all I can do.

See you in a few days when this is washed and dried.

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María Cristina said...

traducción del español al inglés
I look forward to the next step kitchen colors ....

Heather said...

I think it's been three days now. I should skip forward....

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Heather,
Yes, today is 3 days!
I need to get the camera out and take pictures.
I am tickled with the fabrics....
We are hauling hay today, so maybe tonight I can get the photos taken and downloaded to the blog.
My Best To You,