Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grasshoppers & Yard Work...

We spent the day getting the flowerbeds cleaned out and put to bed for the winter months...

Here is a little journal quilt I put together with
Neocolor II Crayons
It is a sample for a class later this month.

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Brad got busy this morning giving the Thread Shed a good trimming

The ivy and vines were taking over!

The flower bed in front of the house...

The flower bed in back of the house...

Those little round pods are full of seeds.
I pull them apart and the seeds fall out.
I air dry them for a week or so, then put them in a container for planting in the spring.

Cleaning out the front flower bed.
We filled the pick up bed twice!

Front flower bed cleaned out.
When the leaves fall off those trees...
We rake them onto the flower beds for mulch.

Thread Shed
All trimmed up...

I will miss the flowers this winter...
But without yard work to do, there will be lots of time to spend INSIDE the Thread Shed this winter.

Once these October Glory maple leaves are pressed in the phone book...
I will be able to use them over the winter months for jello printing, leaf printing, foiling and lots!

The best part of all this yard work is...

I trim all the fresh flowers and bring them indoors to enjoy.

Dahlias & Hydrangeas

I rarely cut fresh flowers in the summer months,
so this is a real treat to enjoy these flowers indoors for the next few days.

Pink Dinner Plate Dahlia

My Grampa told me, "When you work, you find money".
It was true, when I would clean out the couch cushions, I would find money!

I also believe, "When you work, you find beauty".

I am a little tired and sore tonight, but I am enjoying the flower bouquets in the house.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Flowers,


  1. Neocolor question: do you seal your work with a textile medium? And if so can you suggest a brand of medium

  2. You make such wonderful art quilts, I love the way you did the circles with the grasshopper and then added the buttons.
    The crayon work is great !

  3. Hi Gene,
    I mix textile medium with water, then use a fan brush to apply it on the Neocolor II crayons.
    I keep a hair dryer close by so I can quickly dry it before it blends too much.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for your kind comments.
    The bottom of the grasshopper was straight, so I added the buttons to soften the edge, and also add to the circle theme of the commercial fabric.