Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Raffle Quilt......Machine Quilting Started

It is time to get this quilt under the needle.

Let's see where the day takes us...

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Bobbin Thread
Bottom Line Yellow #601
Superior Threads Product

It blends in and melts into the backing fabric.

To stitch around all of the applique motifs, I chose Bottom Line very pale gray.
It almost disappears into the fabrics on the top side of the quilt.
Just what we need.

Thread Audition
The Neutral was too boring.
The Blue was not right.
The Green was the best fit.

I keep two lights directly above the sewing machine.
I also have a Bendable Brite Lite mounted on the side of the machine.
I am never at a loss for light.
I can see extremely well with this set up.
I never have trouble with eye strain.

Thread Stand
The Thread Stand is mounted on the back of the machine.
It feeds crosswound thread from off the top of the spool.
It feeds stacked threads from the side of the spool.
It also holds large cones still, no wobble.
Since getting the stand a few years ago, I never have issues with the threads feeding improperly......thread delivery goes smoothly.

The Thread Stand also makes a great place to stash bobbins.

Dyna Disc
I tried this disc in a class, one of my students offered to allow me to try hers.
They are wonderful!
It takes all the pressure off your lower back.
I can quilt for hours and never have any pain.

I purchased this at my local Quilt Shop:

Size 60 Needles
Because the Bottom Line Thread is so fine, I am using a 60 needle, which I prefer anyway, because it makes such a tiny hole in the quilt.

I generally lower my top tension when Free Motion Quilting

Practice Sandwich
I warm up on a practice sandwich to check my thread tension and see if I like the quilting motif.

The background quilting is a feather variation.

You can see the stitching much better when I turned off the overhead lighting.

4 hours of Free Motion Machine Quilting so far...
I am about half way done...
Hoping to finish this tomorrow~

I am working with a deadline on this quilt, so I had to be disciplined and stay indoors and quilt today...

But this view out in the yard, made it very difficult...

Pacific Sunset Red Maple Tree

I love the way the light illuminates the leaves.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


susies1955 said...

Just found your blog. You do lovely quilting.
I had a question about the Dyna Disc. Is it something you have to add air too? How do you know how thick it should be if you do?
I'll be following your blog,

Dotti said...

Your stitching is so even...are you well practiced...or are you using a stitch regulator?

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Susie,
The Dyna Disc comes out of the box ready to use, no inflation necessary.

Hi Dottie,
No stitch regulator on this Bernina 153 QE.
I have been playing around with free motion quilting for about 20 years......I guess it pays off after awhile.