Saturday, September 11, 2010

Organizing Supplies...

You can make one of these word collages

Class Supplies are useless if you can't find what you need:

Click Images to Enlarge:

I keep them organized in the garage.
To date there are 32 labeled tote boxes

Our weather is cooling, so it was time to box up the sun dyeing supplies and store them away until next summer:

CLICK HERE to view Sun Dyeing

Warm weather is also best for Rust Dyeing:

Click Here to view Rust Dyeing

Last year I started embellishing textile art with metal objects:

It was time to put all of the metal objects into their own tote box, get it labeled and stacked in the garage.

Click Here to view Metal Embellished Horse Quilt
Click Here to view Metal Embellished Rust Quilt

Nearly every class requires these:

At the start of each class, the tables are covered with Drop Cloths
During class and at the end of class, we are cleaning up painting supplies, stencils, brushes, stamps, etc.
I never leave home without these two tote boxes

This year I started experimenting with Shiva Paintstiks and Neocolors II:

I have collected different objects for Rubbings
They create incredible texture on cloth

Click Here to view Paintstik Play Day

Click Here to view Neocolors Play Day

I even need containers to store containers!

I recycle food containers to hold paints, water, to dye in, etc.

With summer coming to a close, I have been picking and pressing botanicals:

This winter when I need a leaf, fern or flower...
they will be stored in this tote box ready to use.

Click Here to view Botanicals in Textile Art

I wasn't able to take the dogs for a ride today...

luckily they are happy to just be in the pick up:

I peeked inside, between organizing supplies, and found them napping together

Gunnr's head is bigger than Suzy's entire body

Simple Pleasures...
Napping in the Pick Up

CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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Elizabeth Ann said...

I found your website just a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading about all your dyeing processes. When I have time I am going back to each one and take notes. My husband I have visited Oregon a few times and your ranch is amazing! Beautiful area. I have been to your quilt store once and hope to return!