Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bernina went to the Doctor...

Machine Quilting on the Raffle Quilt has come to a screeching halt...

My beloved Bernina is not well, poor baby.

I took her to the doctor today...

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I have neglected her for 18 months.
Using her almost daily and putting off regular maintenance check ups.

I ignored the signals: thread jams, thread breakage, poor tension.

Finally yesterday I decided it was time...
I packed her up and took her to town...
She had an appointment with the Bernina Doctor.

It seems my use of basting sprays has been awful hard on her...
Especially in the bobbin housing.

Not that I have to stop using basting sprays..... NEVER!

I need to use a different needle, I also need to clean her more often, and bring her in for her yearly physical exam....not every 18 months.

Here is the bad part...

She won't be ready for 2 weeks!!!

When I get her back and have more time to talk to the technician, I will share with you what I learned.

The photos above were taken in the back yard.
They are absolutely gorgeous Grape Leaves.
Please feel free to use them in your personal art work.
I am always happy to share the beauty!

CLICK HERE to read what happened at the repair shop

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Clean,


Cheryl said...

LuAnne , sorry to hear about your Bernina.. I try to keep mine up to date as much as I can myself and if something happens where I cannot use the machine I always have my old singer machine nearby just in case .
I love my dear old singer but it just does not do some of the sewing that my Janome 6500 can, but it does come in handy at times , I never sew on blue jeans with the new machine, so I go to the singer ..I think I would be lost without the Janome though.
I love the grape leaves, the colors are fab!

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Cheryl,
Yes, I will be lost without the Bernina, it is the only machine I use for free motion quilting. I won't be lonely though.....I own several more machines to keep me company. I can piece with my 1959 FW 221. I also have my trusty New Home, which is 16 years old and such a work horse...