Saturday, April 3, 2010

Woven Quilt........Class Sample

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Today I am making a Woven Quilt for a class sample.
I chose some solid looking batiks and some fibers in different weights.
Let's see what happens...

This was Fun!
I tore all of the strips, no rotary cutting.

I used the same weaving technique I developed for my Cow Pony Quilt.
CLICK HERE to see the Tutorial

Canvas Stretcher Board

I decided to mount this woven quilt on a stretcher board.
This will help support the weight of the piece.

Canvas covered in black batik fabric

Installing a picture hook on the back of the canvas

This is my Thread Shed holds very different tools than my regular tool box in the house!

I stitched the quilt through the canvas to hold it in place.
This also gives me the option of removing the quilt from the canvas if I need to.

Quilt Label fused to the back of the canvas

" Weaving My Dreams "

Beads sewn on by hand

Beads strung on to the fibers hanging at the bottom.

This project was free spirited for me........I am a recovering Perfectionist........and ripping fabric with stray threads dangling here and there is not my norm.........but I enjoyed every minute of it.........thus the name.........Weaving My Dreams.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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