Friday, April 30, 2010

Woven Quilt #3.......Has gone green!

This is a sample from a class I taught last week...

I made 3 different woven quilts
This is the third one

I brought it to class without a border...

This is why~

Click Images to Enlarge:

The weaving is done
I am ready to audition border options

The black leaves caught my attention and were begging for a black border.
So......I pulled out my stash of black and whites and put them up on the design wall.

None of them looked quite right.
So, I sent images to my color and design Guru, Nancy...

This is what I learned from her:

This black fabric looks gray compared to the woven quilt

This fabric has too much white
It is competing for attention with the leaves.

This isn't quite as bold as the previous fabric, but again, the white isn't working.

The circles are too whimsical against the bold black leaves

The very thin lines are rather wimpy next to the bold inner design

I tried nearly 20 fabrics and nothing worked.

I took all of these fabrics and Nancy auditioned them for the students in the woven quilt class last week.......sort of a color and design lesson for the students.
She discussed the merits of each fabric and why it did not work.

The students kept about a green border?
How about a green border?
How about a green border?
It almost became a chant...

Luckily our quilt class was in a Quilt Shop...
Nancy pointed to a gorgeous bolt of gradiated green fabric

What do you think?

I removed the black inner border...

I plan to machine quilt leaves in the background area.
I didn't want the black inner border competing with the stitching.

Quilt Pounce Chalk applied over this leaf stencil

Chalked Leaf impression for me to stitch over

All of the stitching is done on the leaf

Remove the Quilt Pounce Chalk with an iron
It disappears like magic!

A stitched leaf motif
After the chalk has been ironed away

The next leaf has been chalked
I am ready to stitch around it...

"The Woven Oak"

Thanks to my students......I have gone green!
I just love this border treatment.

5:00 I am ready to call it a day and head back to the house.
As I push myself away from the sewing machine...
This is the view I see each day...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
And May Your Ears Always Be Open to Suggestions...


  1. Wow! what a difference! It was really cool to see all the different border fabrics put up against your beaufiful quilt top.Thank you for taking the time to do each photo! I love your quilting the leaves are perfect!

  2. That is just beautiful - the chalk on makes it look more like a shadow which is interesting. At first I thought you might have had organza on that section.

  3. Just love what you did with the border on this quilt. I learned a lot from that lesson too!! Thank you for sharing. Keep up the superb work!