Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wallpaper Quilt

This roll of leftover wallpaper followed me home from town...

Click Images to Enlarge:

Let's see what the day brings....

Love this TEXTURED wallpaper...

Neocolors II
Water soluble Wax Crayons

Fannie Art has a wonderful TUTORIAL for using Neocolors II

Wallpaper covered with Neocolors II

This technique enhanced the textures on the wallpaper

Fibers & Beads to Embellish the Wallpaper

Auditioning Fibers

Fibers Couched Down
Ready to add some beads...

Beady Gravy Mix

Detail of Beading...

Detail of Beading, Couching & Texture

Wallpaper Journal Quilt

This is why I have not posted in over a week...

My flowerbeds are being destroyed by an airborne virus....known as "Fire"
It destroyed over 200 tulip bulbs in the last 2 weeks.

The bacteria spread to over 100 iris plants...

It also is destroying over 50 Asian Lilies...

Yesterday I discovered the Rhodie buds look like they have been hit with a blow torch!

I do love gardening & flowers.......and I am trying to keep all of this in perspective.
After all, it is not a person or an animal.
I will keep my chin up and try to remain on the sunny side of life.

Working on the wallpaper quilt today lifted my spirits.
Tomorrow I am meeting with my Permission 2 Play Group....that always puts a smile on my face!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. I really like your wallpaper journal quilt, and the process you went through to get there. I'm so sorry about all your flowers and plants, I've not heard of that bacteria but how devastating for your plants. I do hope it doesn't destroy everything, and that you find some wonderful sales to replace what you've lost.

  2. Oh wow! The bead/wallpaper quilt is so very cool and the "fire" virus photos so sad and scary.

  3. Fabulous journal quilt! I'm really sorry to hear about your plants. I'm not a gardener so I've not heard of that disease. But my Mom's a gardener so I know how much time you have put into building that garden! You are keeping a great attitude about it.

  4. How do you get rid of the fire bacteria? Do you have to destroy all of the plants or is there a spray you can use? I've never seen that around here in California and I've been gardening my whole life as have my parents. It looks terrible and I have a ton of plants I'd hate to lose. Hope you get rid of it soon.

  5. Hi Marilyn,
    I have been spraying the plants with copper every 7 days......I think it might be helping.
    This "Fire" bacteria thrives in cool, moist climates.
    Once the temperature warms into the 70's and dries out, the bacteria becomes dormant, and will not return until next spring when the plants erupt from the ground and begin to grow, then it will attack the leaves again.
    So for now, I am spraying with copper and hoping for warmer, dryer weather.
    LuAnn in Oregon