Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mixed Media Horse Quilt.......

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Mixed Media Quilt.......Horse

The inspiration for this piece was an image of an old barn door (bottom right corner of quilt). I soon found an image of an old barn with cool doors (top left corner of quilt).

Then I found the image of a doorway with a horse standing in it....
After that, the quilt almost created itself!

This was a demo for a recent class........I think I will finish it.
I will post the completed quilt soon.

CLICK HERE to view the completed quilt

Freckles.......The Cow Mama

Since her companion passed away last fall, sweet Freckles has been so very lonely. We have considered finding her another horse to keep her company.

However, this Spring Freckles has taken on the responsibility of overseeing our herd of yearling cattle..........and they just love her!

Yearling Cattle

Just behind the yearlings is a little yellow building...
That is the Thread Shed, otherwise known as My Happy Place.

The yearling cattle see to it that Freckles is never alone.

When we look out into the pastures, Freckles The Cow Mama, is always on duty watching over the herd.

Garden Spot

We are preparing the backyard garden spot for planting.
We spread out plastic to smother the weeds.
We are planning to plant the corn and sunflowers here...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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