Monday, February 8, 2010

Photo Transfer.........Homework

Work before Play

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Quilter's Freezer Paper
This product makes printing on fabric fast and easy.
After it is ironed, it does NOT curl at the edges!

I signed up for a FREE online class:
Image Transfer Techniques
I need to complete my homework....or I will not be given the next lesson.
So today I spent the day working with freezer paper & cool fabrics I want to experiment with in the printer.

Iron Freezer Paper to the back side of the fabric
Be sure to iron it well at the corners so it will feed properly through the printer.

Trim the fabric to fit the 8.5 x 11 inch freezer paper

Fabric & Freezer Paper ready for the printer
The lesson called for white or light fabrics....
I just had to throw some textured fabrics in the mix!

Photo Transfer of State Fair Zinnia on Fabric
I use an Epson CX6000 with Dura Brite Inks, so I do not need to pretreat my fabric.
This is a photo I took last year in front of our house.
The crackle texture on the fabric is wonderful!

Photo Transfer of Glass on Fabric
My cousin sent me this image of her first attempt at Hand Blow Glass.
As soon as I saw it, I knew it would become textile art.
I love the stars and moons fabric it is printed on.

Photo Transfer of Henry the Rooster on Fabric
Last summer we discovered that Henrietta was really a Henry.
I took this image of Henry eating a blade of grass.
The leaf fabric shows up best on the upper portion of the print.

Photo Transfer of Frozen Leaves on Fabric
I took this photo last fall after a heavy freeze.
This was printed on plain white fabric.

Photo Transfer of Lily on Fabric
This print is two layers: Fabric with fusible web on top.
I was hoping to achieve 2 prints at once.
This jammed in the printer, so I fed it through again, which created the double image.

I peeled the fusible web off - it is the lower image.
The fabric image is the faded one on top with the swirly fabric.

It is time to send these images in to the online teacher, then she will send me Lesson 2.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Heidi Rand said...

These are great! I really enjoyed seeing what you're doing. Heidi (from inkjet transfer yahoo group)

Carina said...

Nice transfers. I liked them so much that I decided to follow your blog.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Gotta get me an Epson with Durabrite ink - no doubt about it. Love the printing on other than white fabric, but the frosted leaves one on white is fantastic.

One Creative Queen said...

Very, very awesome my dear! I love what you did - and the crackle fabric really rocks the Zinnia print. You did a fabulous job - proud of you!! xx