Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jello Botanical Print...

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Jello Print of Botanicals
This one has been hanging around since last fall.
It was calling out to me this morning...

Audition Landscape Fabrics

Audition Batik Fabrics

This is the only landscape fabric that worked.
I was surprised.....they all looked good laying out on the table.
This one has white grasses here and there, and it went well with the jello print.

Audition Purple Borders

Decided to cut the purple border fabrics into leaf shapes

Purple Leaves for inner border...

Not sure if I like this...

Auditioning More Border Fabrics...

4 different purple fabrics for the leaves

I like the play of light and dark in the leaf fabrics...

Fused Steam A Seam to the back of the purple fabrics

Purple Leaf Inner Border

6pm I am done for the day...
We will see what tomorrow brings for this project.

Bumble Bees on Hyacinth

Tonight on my way back into the house from the Thread Shed I saw 6 bumble bees all huddled on this hyacinth bloom. They have been there since yesterday.

26 degrees this morning
What are these bumble bees doing out in this weather?

Bumble Bee on Daffodil

Bumble Bee

Flowerbed in front of the house...
Hyacinth and Daffodils Blooming.
Tulips, Lupine, Iris, Lilies sprouting up.
Yes, this is February and we are having freezing temperatures!

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Janet said...

And the winner is . . . the border of purple leaves but not necessarily all the way around. I'm partial to asymmetry. Love the print and fabric choice.