Saturday, February 6, 2010


I had a dozen or more jello prints that I was not satisfied with.
I contemplated slicing them up with the rotary cutter for piecing or possibly borders for journal quilts...

Then....I pulled out the gelatin plates to try some

Click Images to Enlarge:

Jello Print 1 BEFORE Re-Printing

Jello Print 1 AFTER Re-Printing

TREE Impression left on the jello plate

Clean Up Cloth
I used this paper towel to clean off the jello plate

Jello Print 2 AFTER Re-Printing

Jello Prints 3 & 4 BEFORE Re-Printing

Jello Print 4 AFTER Re-Printing

Jello Prints 3 & 4 AFTER Re-printing

Jello Prints 5 & 6 BEFORE Re-Printing

Jello Prints 5 & 6 AFTER Re-Printing

Cork Bird Stamp
This was one of my thrift store finds...

Jello Print 7 AFTER Re-Printing

Jello Print 8 AFTER Re-Printing

Foam Stamps by PLAID

In Progress...
I almost cut these jello prints into strips with a rotary cutter.
I thought I could piece them as borders?

Then I spied these office stamps.....I just started stamping all over.
It is time to I had to leave this for another day.

I just can't resist office is in my blood.
I think it comes from my days as a legal secretary and an executive secretary with AT&, paper clips, tape......I love'em all.

Clean Up Cloths......Paper Towels
They were used to clean off the gelatin plates.
I plan to use them in a future recycle project in March.

9 Completed Re-Printed Jello Prints

I am much happier with them now!
I am anxious to turn them into journal quilts....asap!

Now it is time to CLEAN UP THE MESS!

I use one side of the Thread Shed as a temporary WET STUDIO
It works fairly well.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Vicki W said...

Aside from that last step, it looks like a lot of fun! You got some great fabrics to play with.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Nice save!