Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jello Printing....Black Fern

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Jello/Gelatin Monoprints

Here are a few botanical jello prints I created in a Permission 2 Play class in July 2009.
Today I felt inspired to do something with them.
Let's see what the day brings...

Black Jello Printed Fern
This dramatic print was the first to jump out at me.
It was also a great excuse to pull out my stash of black and white fabrics!
I put some of my favorites around the fern and they played nicely together.

I removed the white and black bold stripe on the right border and replaced it with a black guitar fabric.
I also added a black with white dots on the right side...

The black with white dots are happier down at the bottom

I am ready to cut up some of this great black and white fabric stash!

Black Fern Print on the Design Wall
It helps me to get things vertical when I begin designing.

Designing the Borders
Cutting random sizes of 3.5 inch strips for the borders

Black Fern with Borders
This was taken without a flash and is dull looking.
Not the true vibrant black and white you see below...

Quiltlet is basted and Ready to Quilt

Auditioning Quilting Threads

YLI Black/White 40 wt Variegated, Mettler 50 wt Black Cotton, Bottom Line 60wt Trilobal Polyester, Robinson Anton Variegated Polyester

Quilting Energy
Just a handful and you can go for hours!

Simple quilting lines following the shapes of the ferns.
Echo quilting wavy lines in the borders to calm it down.

Quilting Detail around Ferns

The Black Fern

I just couldn't resist the dalmatian spots for the binding.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Janet said...

I had just revisited "jello printing tutorial" before going to my dashboard and there was your wonderful prints. I admire your tackling printing. Looks like you had fun quilting the pattern of the ferns.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Janet,
Jello Printing is fun, especially with children.
Mix up a batch of Knox Gelatin (use the directions on the box for Knox Blox).
Cut up muslin to fit the size of your pan of gelatin.
Get out your inexpensive acrylic paints, squirt them on the tray of gelatin and let the fun begin!
You can use a brayer to spread out the paint, or just use your fingers like finger painting.
It is a terrific jumping off point into the world of printing on cloth.
If you are apprehensive....invite some children over......they have no fear!

I hope you give it a try...
LuAnn Kessi

kathisgardenart said...

Love the black and white!!!

Sally Westcott said...

You have made some lovely clear prints! I really enjoy gelatine monoprinting. Could be time to make a new plate!

The end product is a beautiful quilt!