Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Bottle Calves...5 Years Old

Do you remember these two little guys?

Marv.....1 day old

Vern.....2 months old

In 2017 we raised Vern and Marv on bottles

Bottle Babies.....Marv and Vern

Vern is a beef calf rejected by his mother

Marv is a bull calf from the dairy

2017.......Vern and Marv.....8 months old

Just weaned from the bottle

( I think weaning was harder on me 

than it was them!)

2018.....Marv and Vern 18 months old

Here are the bottles calves today: 5 years old

Just for scale to show how big he really is...

Marv is in the center with 2 full grown cows

on each side of him...

Those cows weigh 1500 pounds...

he dwarfs them and they are very large cows !

Marv and Vern today...

They are so sweet and still know 

the sound of my voice

when I call them to come over for a visit. 

Enjoy the Video:

Videos of Marv & Vern as baby calves:

Video of Marv sucking my fingers:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Marv is so tall! I can't imagine how many bottles it took to keep Marv and Vern full!

    1. That is a great question Patty....together the calves drank about 1,000 bottles over the 8 months we fed them. Vern was abandoned by his mother, she had twins and only wanted one of them. We tried for 2 months to get her to take him, but it didn't work out. I didn't want Vern to be alone, so went to the dairy and picked up a bull calf, we named him Marv. Dairy animals are very tall. The 2 steers love each other and can't bare to be separated. Even after 5 years, when I am out in the pasture, they come over and see me, sometimes sticking their heads in the window of the pick up to give me a lick on the face....they will always have a home with us.


  2. I can hear your animals talking among themselves about how wonderful it is that you're such a pushover. :)


    1. Oh made me laugh out loud!


  3. I just love your post. I live in suburbia and have always loved cows, but have no experience with them. The love you convey for your bottle boys is so palpable. Forgive my ignorance, but are they being raised for butchering? I assume that would be the case. I just wonder how raising them as babies gets you emotional about their final destination. I'm not judging really at all, just curious how this is for you.

    1. Howdy,
      So glad you are enjoying the farming posts. I am always happy to share what we do here on the ranch. Most steer calves, if not all, are raised for butcher.....but not our bottle babies, they will always have a home here with us. It is rare to see a 5 year old steer, not many of them around as pets. The Cowboy calls the bottle babies "Pasture Ornaments."