Sunday, September 13, 2020

Hand Piecing, Pears and Wild Fires...


The English Paper Piecing continues

on this Horse Quilt Panel...

Three of the four border sections are 
hand pieced together...

This is the fourth and final border 
I am piecing now...

I have been toting the borders around
in this Messy Painted Canvas tote bag...

When a hand piecing moment arises,
I pull a border section out of the tote bag and stitch for awhile.

Our pear tree in the yard
has been fruitful...

Pears....almost too pretty to eat !

Pear Freezer Jam

We pick a few pears each day,
some are shared with our little goat herd,
the rest will become canned pears.

This is the view just outside the front door:

A few of the cow and calf pairs have come up
to the yard fence...

The Oregon Wild Fire smoke blew into our
little valley a week ago...
you can see it hanging back in the timber.

Directly under the tree, is one of our 
3 year old bottle calves...
he is so tall, he towers above the yard fence.

Wild Fire smoke hangs in the timber at the edge 
of one of the hay fields...

We are safe from the fires here at home,
but nearly one million acres has burned
in Oregon so far this season.

The Dinner Plate Dahlias
are putting on a show in the back yard:

They are at their peak at the very end 
of the summer...

It is their way of saying Good Bye...

We are busy preparing for 

the winter months ahead.

The rain will be back soon and we must be ready.

More To Come !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi

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  1. Love to see your bottle babies all grown up!!! The smoke is like that in Nevada where I am and at home in Washington!! Hard to breathe when outside and I worry about what it does to all the poor animals' lungs who are out in it all the time! Stay safe and enjoy your gorgeous pears and flowers!