Thursday, October 3, 2019

Plow Girl.....Plowing the next field

We're in the next field....ready to PLOW

5 Bottom Plow

The Cowboy is making a few adjustments

on the plow before I get started...

The cattle will keep me company today

while I get this worked up...

This is one of my favorite barns on the place.

Ground on the right had the 
disc run over it twice.

Ground on the left has been plowed.

I am in the back portion of the field...

you can see the barn 
way up there in the distance.

Plowed ground on the right...

This field is super hard...

The plow worked hard to get through it.

Took me 3 days, instead of 1, 

to get it all plowed up !

Enjoy the Video:

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Love that you help The Cowboy on the farm! Without you he would have to hire someone to help him!! You are the very best kind of farmer's wife...competent and fearless!!!

  2. Many Thanks Farm Quilter for your always thoughtful and kind comments. There is no way I could sit home at the sewing machine when I know there is so much to get done before the rains come. Besides, girls like to drive tractors now don't we !


  3. Are the blades on the plow painted??? Or just reflection! So cool!!! And yes, girls like to drive tractors too. We always helped on the farm...just a way of life!!!

    1. Every fall after planting, the plows are painting to prevent them rusting over the winter. Then, just before plowing, the cowboy sands off all of the paint and buffs them shiny so the dirt will just roll off of them easily while plowing. I have a couple cans of bright orange paint to spray on them this year!