Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Crosscut Quilt.....Idaho Retreat

I am attending a Quilt Retreat in

Rathdrum, Idaho

at Twin lakes

Lots of Autumn color in Idaho

This is my home away from home 

for the week...

I brought along my crosscut quilt...in progress

I also brought along a Bernina 801 

I found last summer in

Mitchell, Oregon at a thrift store.

This is our trial run together...

I have pieced 135 Crosscut Blocks:

I am sewing them together...

This is my first quilt top....light

I am now piecing my second quilt top....dark

 2nd quilt top.....done

I hung them over the railing

for a beauty shot...

Time to cut them apart:

The blocks are 9 inches...

I am cutting them with a 7 inch ruler.

Lots of abstract X blocks.....in the making

The blocks are all cut from both quilt tops...

light and dark.

Time to get them up on the design wall...

It was fun moving them around...

until I found something that appealed to me.

I am running out of design wall space...

13 rows up on the design wall....

Time to take these home to Oregon

and finish up this cross cut quilt....

More To Come!


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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. LuAnn, When I got to the part where you cut them up, I held my breath!! I did go back to your older posts and see I had missed that and it looks like you pieced triangles. I thought you had just sewn strips on top a square. Anyway, it looks really interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is going to be a fun quilt!!! Retreats are fun, aren't they? My guild in Washington goes here: http://www.myidaholodge.com/ the Palouse Divide Lodge...fabulous room to sew in, nice rooms to sleep in and the food (breakfast and dinner included in the price) is amazing!! The location is so incredible too. Have a fun week!!!

  3. "Wait - What???" - my thought when you cut up your quilt tops! And then I saw the end game - an infinitely more interesting composition. (Simple X's are lovely, but you've definitely taken things up a notch!)

  4. Hi Carole, Yes, this quilt method is definitely a kick in the pants! Cutting up the quilt tops is so much FUN! I am enjoying the design wall work and hope to have the completed top done very soon. I am thinking about the machine quilting design now.
    My Best To You,

  5. What a beautiful place to retreat! and yay for your quilt tops!!!