Sunday, July 9, 2017

Farm Life.....Summer 2017

Many of you enjoy the Farming part of this

Quilter's Life...

Here is an update to what is going

on here @ the Farm

The turkey vultures having a solar bath

on the fence posts are a constant source

of daily entertainment for us

as we travel around doing our chores.

Turkey Vulture feathers are gorgeous!

The cow and calf pairs are on summer pasture.

The calves are really growing.

The calves will be weaned in November

at 8 months of age.

The bottle calves here @ home are doing great!

The orphaned twin calf Number 25 

is 4 months old and quite a hunk!

His bottle mate is a holstein calf from the dairy

who is now 2 months old.

I start and end each day with these 2 little guys.

They really liven up our barn here @ home.

Life in the hay fields continues...

300 round bales so far...

We have 2 more hay fields to bale up

before we can call it quits...

Once the fields are all baled up it is time

to load up the bales on big, long trailers

and haul them to 5 different barns

for winter storage.

Down below I have included a video of

the goats, the bottle calves and hay fields...


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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. I do love your videos but your quilting also knocks my socks off!

  2. Susan, you are a peach of a girl! Many thanks for your kind words.

    All The Best,

  3. Thanks for the update on the bottle calves. I was thinking of them the other day. Glad they are doing good.

  4. Wow that Turkey Vulture is amazing!!! and love your selfie ;-)

  5. Those calves are adorable! And sure like their 'food'! HA Are those Nubian goats??

  6. I LOVE vultures! Thanks for the photos! Are you out of your cast yet?

  7. Lovely calves grow thanks to your care !! Beautiful places, good people, it's fine at all times !! Hard work in the heat makes you heroes !!

  8. Many thanks to all of you for your very sweet comments and your concern for the bottle calves. The goats are boer goats. The cowboy baled the last hay field today.....aaaaahhhh. The next phase of hay season is gathering up all the hay on big, long trailers and hauling it to 5 different barns for winter storage. That will probably take the rest of July to finish up. We get the month of August off, then begin feeding cattle in September when all of our pastures have dried up and there isn't any feed.

    My Best To You,

  9. Great videos! YAY that the hay is baled! Love watching your bottle calves...makes me laugh to see how excited they get and how quickly they can finish their bottles! Where do you get the milk for them? Am I remembering correctly that you have dairy cattle as well as beef cattle? Hubby sells Heston balers - fun to watch a round baler in action since our bales are all rectangles. More time for you in the Thread Shed now that baling is finished or do you get to help with the storing of the bales as well? Your turkey vultures are amazing...haven't seen any of those on our farm. Stay cool!!!

  10. HI Farm Quilter,

    I buy powdered milk replacer @ the feed store and mix it up with warm water. They each drink a half gallon bottle 3 times a day. We raise commercial beef cattle. The holstein bottle calf was purchased @ the dairy the day he was born as a bottle mate for our orphan calf. I will help out trailering the bales to the barns for storage. I drive the trailer through the field and the cowboys loads it up with bales. I also open and close all of the gates in and out of the fields on our way back and forth to the barns to unload the hay. There's always something I can do to help out....makes me feel useful.

    Many thanks for your comments,