Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Working Cattle.....July 2017

While we are waiting for the mowed hay fields

to dry out so we can rake and bale them...

We are working cattle...

cow and calf pairs

This is our work table

The cattle are in the sorting pens...

The crowding alley and squeeze chute...

The first bunch of cows 

are loaded and ready to work...

The cowboy puts new ear tags on the cows...

These are fly tags...

they keep the flies off the cattle.

Pen of calves.....2 to 4 months old

The calves get fly tags in their ears...

They are also vaccinated, wormed and branded.

Tomorrow the hay field will be ready for baling.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Felt like I was right there with you!! Well, we kinda were!!!! Whew! That's a lot of work!! Thanks for once again enlightening us on the life on the farm!!!! Now maybe you can get back to sewing! But keep the farm life coming to us!

  2. Hi Robbie,

    I left the hay field this afternoon and stitched a few hours on the whole cloth quilt….it is coming along nicely. It is only 36 inches square so is a pleasure to get under the needle. We still have a few more head of cattle to round up and put through the squeeze chute, but they will have to wait until the hay fields are all baled up.

    Many thanks for your always wonderful comments,


  3. It is interesting how noisy the cattle are when they are in a small area, with or without their babies! They know when their routine changes and they don't care for it at all! I've helped on a few fall inoculation/castration roundups, but just on the fringe. It is really hard work. Thanks for sharing farm life with all who think food comes from the supermarket!